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You may also want to join our (variably busy) action list! This list aims to support those in our community who want to engage more actively in the emerging movement and includes more frequent updates and information about actions that WNC organizes and those from other community groups. Feel free to send us info on racial justice related events you are organizing that would be open to and appropriate for our community members.

2017 Dialogues:

Dialogues are only open to participants of past workshops and dialogues. Please see here for a fuller description of what our dialogues are, and our new policy. To RSVP for a dialogue, join our email list and reply when the invite is sent out! Location changes each month. If you missed a dialogue, you can check out most of the dialogue notes here.

  • January 31: Challenges, Resistances, and Mutual Aid in a Time of Fascism
  • February 21: Aftermath of the Women’s March
  • March 21: Cross-Class Organizing in the Trump Era
  • May 16th: Ethics of All-White Racial Justice Spaces (with STAND)
  • June 20th:  White Feminists and the Use of Intersectionality: Critiques from Feminists of Color
  • July18th: Book Group, discussing Jordan Flaherty’s book No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality
  • August 1st: August Dialogue: Examining Settler Colonialism
  • September 19: Responding to this Political Moment
  • October 17: Building a Culture of Resistance to State Repression
  • November 14th: Climate Change, Environmental Racism and Responding to (Un)natural Disasters
  • December 12th: It’s the White Savior Complex Time of Year

Upcoming Workshops:
  • Difficult Conversations with SURJ TBD
  • January Antidotes to White Fragility 

Other Events:

  • Sunday, November 5th 6-9 PM: Prison Abolition Movie Night
    Click here to RSVP, location TBD with RSVP
    Join us for a screening of a series of short films from Critical Resistance on the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), featuring movement leaders sharing stories and visions. This is a joint gathering with our friends at Black and Pink, an opportunity to watch a series of short films on the PIC, followed by dialogue.

18 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. So interested in your collective and would love to hear more about meetings and other opportunities to get involved!

  2. Hi,

    I tried to register for the workshop on 11/10, but haven’t heard anything back, just wondering if I am registered or am still able to do so? Thanks!!


    • John, Sorry that we are just seeing your comment, after the fact. Unfortunately, we only gave out the address to folks after registration and the link for registration was sent out via our mailing list and facebook page. Feel free to like us on facebook or join our mailing list to hear of future events! //Beja

  3. Hey folks,
    I love what you all are doing! I have been seeking a group like this for some time. I’d like to attend the dialogue in July if it’s still happening. I want to get involved however I can.

    P.s did any of the group members go to the White Silence is Violence demonstration in Oakland on June 21? I think we need more actions like that.

  4. Hi there,

    Are there dates/times and locations set for the December 12th Difficult Conversations workshop as well as the upcoming winter/spring workshops? I am based in Brooklyn and am thrilled to just have come across your website in my research. I heard from someone that you might be starting to organize/hold workshops in NY as well- curious if this is in fact true and if so, how I might be able to participate and/or become involved. If that was in fact a rumor, do you have any organizations to recommend in NY (or closer than SF:) ) that are doing similar work at the intersection of whiteness and female identity? Many thanks,

  5. Hi! How do I start attending events in the Bay Area? Especially the workshop on December 3rd? Thanks so much, Nicole

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