Action and support opportunities this week!

WNC Community,

Please see below for several actions and support requests this coming week:
1) Monday, June 19 at 6 pm – TURN OUT to Oakland’s City Council Meeting to support the #DefundOPD Campaign.
2) Support Black Land Liberation on Juneteenth (Monday)
3) Tuesday 6/20: All Out to Berkeley to Stop Urban Shield


1) From APTP: First off, thank you to EVERYONE for participating in the #DefundOPD Campaign. Your actions have clearly influenced the City’s decisionmaking process when it comes to allocating money to the Oakland Police Department. That fight is not over! City Council plans to announce and vote on its proposed budget, and we want to be there in full force to hold them accountable!

On Monday, June 19 at 6 pm, we need folks to TURN OUT to Oakland’s City Council Meeting. Please bring your DefundOPD signs, share this on social media, and participate in the #DefundOPD social media campaign (instructions below!):

1) Print your “Less cops, more _______” or “Menos policías, más _______” from or make your own
2) Use your imagination. What would you fund with all those millions?
3) Snap a photo
4) Post and tag #DefundOPD, city council members and some friends!

Please sign up online to speak, with this link. If you would rather not speak, please send your confirmation to to scede your time.


2) Monday is Juneteenth, Freedom Day, an annual commemoration of the abolition of chattel slavery in the US. This year, a new  formation called the “Black Land and Liberation Initiative (BLLI)” (homegrown in the Bay Area b/w BlackOUT collective and Movement Generation, now operating across the African diaspora) issued an inspiring call for Black folks to use direct action to reclaim and regenerate land, in the spirit of true, self-determined reparations. The Movement for Black Lives has taken up BLLI’s call and made it their focus this #Juneteenth
“#40Acres40Cities #LandandLiberation” is an international direct action campaign, and a vision for reparations that puts land in the hands of Black people, whose ancestors were stolen from their land and forced to work lands stolen from the indigenous peoples on this continent.
Follow and Amplify BLLI’s impact on Social Media! Facebook: @BLLISquad (

And, DONATE to BLLI: (Be sure to mark your donation as being “For BLLI”)


BLLI Manifesto on Reparations:

BLLI Action Toolkit:

“Movement for Black Lives” Map of Juneteenth Actions:

M4BL Link to “Oakland Black Land for Beloved Community” action:

3) Tuesday 6/20All Out to Berkeley to Stop Urban Shield 

In an unprecedented move, the Berkeley City Council is considering fully withdrawing their  participation in Urban Shield. A decision in favor of pulling out of Urban Shield by the Berkeley City Council paves the way for other cities in the Bay Area to do the same.  The Council has scheduled a special hearing on Urban Shield for vote on Tuesday, June 20th at 6pm at Longfellow Middle School, 1500 Derby St in Berkeley.

Date: Tuesday, June 20th. Rally at 5:30 pm, Vote at 6:00 pm
Location: Longfellow Middle School 1500 Derby St, Berkeley, CA 94703


We want to redouble our efforts at the upcoming meeting in showing the Berkeley City Council that they need to stand on the side of the people and not on the side of militarization and oppression.

Sign the Berkeley petition to demand Berkeley pull out of Urban Shield.

Sign the Alameda County  petition to demand Berkeley pull out of Urban Shield.

Spread the word! [FACEBOOK]

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