The Future of Solidarity: How White People Can Support the Movement for Black Lives

-1This is to express our gratitude to everyone who showed up at The Future of Solidarity, organized livestream viewings across the country, helped share the event, and made the evening so powerful through your deep presence, open hearts and warm connections. With over 600 people gathered, it was the most amazing turnout we could have hoped for!

We also want to say a huge thank you to the 35 person volunteer team that donated time, energy and great care to making the venue more accessible, and the entire evening run smoothly.

Here is a video of the panel. The transcript is being edited and will be posted to the Facebook event page soon. We encourage sharing and re-watching/listening to the speakers, who presented so much critical food for ongoing thought.

If you are so inspired, this video could be shown for a group to spark discussion on Black liberation and white anti-racism. Towards this end, Catalyst Project is offering their curriculum to support a study group to deepen understandings of the historical context for the Movement for Black Lives.

Thank you also to photographer Brooke Anderson, whose work “Stills of Our Stories and Struggles” is a gift of capturing and sharing movement moments – here is a link to her photos of the evening.

We are blown away by, and thrilled to announce, the total amount of $8000 raised for Black Lives Matter Bay Area chapter! Thank you again to everyone who donated – if you wish to continue to donate to Black-led groups, and invite others to do so, SURJ offers this helpful guide.

Looking forward to staying in touch, collaborating and conspiring!

The organizing team of Catalyst Project, SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice, White Noise Collective, and BASAT – Bay Area Solidarity Action Team

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