White women heart flashmobs

Last weekend, I participated in a flash mob in San Francisco targeting the bank Wells Fargo. We met, rehearsed the moves, planned our entrance into the bank lobby (as well as our escape route) and were able to perform in 3 locations – all in one afternoon. The dance, organized by SF Pride at Work, was about 4 minutes long, which meant that we were able to enter the bank, have our impact and depart long before the bank or police were able to organize a response. It was, altogether, a completely exciting experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

At our last White Noise dialogue, we focused on the Occupy movement. The conversation touched on facets of sexism and racism within the movement, as well as the roles of media, violence, self-marginalization and tactics. More specifically, one of the things we looked at was where white women were showing up within a movement that we recognize has a primarily white male face.… Read more

A Response to Occupy Oakland (or: My first time getting tear gassed by police)

I am a white woman and moved to North Oakland a little over a year ago. The implications of that fact alone could fill a book. Despite my fear of perpetuating gentrification, I am a proud Oakland resident and I have stood in solidarity with many of the anti-racist, anti-classist movements of late. I am against gang injunctions; against the police brutality that has become the sad norm for many low-income and residents of color in Oakland; and against increasing police budgets through library and school closures.

I have not been sleeping at the Occupy Oakland encampment and was not part of the group that was brutally attacked Tuesday in the early hours with no warning. I had just gone down to Occupy Oakland for my first meeting last weekend (it was a discussion by Indigenous Elders about Non-Violence, which is at the core of the Occupy movement and something I strongly believe in) and was beginning to get more involved with the occupation.… Read more