Stuff White Women Like

These items are the top 50 things named in 526,000 profiles of white women on the dating site, Ok Cupid, as posted on their blog.
These are listed in order of the frequency each thing was written.

1. the Red Sox
2. Jodi Picoult
3. boating
4. Nascar
5. mascara
6. Ireland
7. Nicholas Sparks
8. horseback riding
9. bonfires
10. flea markets
11. a country girl
12. Nora Ephron
13. waitress
14. Ray Lamontagne
15. I’m blond
16. Yankees
17. Kenny Chesney
18. decorating
19. getting dressed up
20. skiing
21. When Harry met Sally
22. baths
23. my red hair
24. horses
25. summertime
26. wine
27. dmb
28. historical fiction
29. cookbooks
30. flip-flops
31. my girlfriends
32. The Time Traveler’s Wife
33. country music
34. diet coke
35. dirty dancing
36. coffee
37. thunderstorms
38. Midwest
39. Tim Mcgraw
40. new recipes
41. Patricia Cornwell
42. mom
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White Female Culture

So many white people – including the half of us that are female – believe that we have no culture. As a dominant, centered culture, it is often invisible to ourselves. We think we are “normal” and everyone else is cultural or “ethnic”. So recently, the White Noise Collective led an exercise to identify some key components of invisibilized cultural norms for white women, that we often find ourselves either trying to emulate or trying to resist.

Here’s what came up from a group of 30 white women from a broad spectrum of class backgrounds, sexuality, ages and spiritual orientations. They are listed in the order of the frequency they were written.

(things in place#1 had about 10 mentions, #10 had 2-3 mentions).

What do white females value?
1. Family, Motherhood, Children
2. Looking good for men, beauty, fit
3. Being a good girl, niceness, kindness, smiling, polite
4. Status, approval
5. … Read more