Organizing to Challenge White Supremacy

We want to share the excellent resources compiled by friends at Catalyst Project and Bay Resistance, and add a few others for educators, organizers, artists, and all people who want to take action this weekend and beyond.

“We have re-entered a time period when white supremacist groups are not fringe or powerless, but connected to, and supported by, the White House. They must be delegitimized and confronted with every creative tactic in our toolbox. Everyone who is against racism has a place in this struggle, in the streets, supporting those who take to the streets, and in groups explicitly organizing for racial justice. We need leaders moving racial justice in workplaces, churches and schools. However you can find ways target the institutions and symbols that support white supremacy, do it.” – Rahula Janowski, Catalyst

Bay Area Rallies This Weekend:

White supremacist groups are turning their attention to the Bay Area this coming weekend. If you are local here is some information. Follow Bay Resistance on Facebook for last-minute updates and more actions. Text RESIST to 41411 for day of, rapid response updates. Please see the Bay Resistance site for tips on safety and security.

  • Friday night 7-9pm
    • Informational session about the SURJ anti white supremacist rally on 8/27. Location announced soon on the event page here. SURJ leaders will give an overview of Sunday’s action, answer questions, address concerns, and talk about what to bring and how to prepare.
  • San Francisco Saturday the 26th

  • Berkeley Sunday the 27th

    • Catalyst will be supporting this rally led by SURJ. The goal is to provide a clear, mass response to the white nationalist rally while not engaging in physical confrontation with them.

    • Bay Area Rally Against Hate 10:30AM Oxford & Addison St. A coalition of groups is hosting a rally earlier in the day and a few blocks away from the white supremacist action at Civic Center Park.
    • Resist Racist Violence & Hate 11AM – 2PM Ohlone Park at Hearst Ave. & MLK – Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) will march as a large group to Berkeley City Hall, across the street from the white supremacist action
    • For people who, for any reason, do not want to be near the white nationalist march but still want to be in the streets there is this rally at the UC Berkeley campus.

    • Family spaces:


A few resources to understand and fight white supremacy:

Understanding the context (both historical and systemic)


Action Steps

Anti-semitism in White Nationalism

Understanding current White Supremacist movements

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