Update on the Indictment

We want to share thoughts and resources regarding the Darren Wilson Indictment released tonight. If you haven’t heard yet, the grand jury concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to indict police officer Darren Wilson of a crime.

Here is a brief FAQ on what that means. If you are interested in plugging into actions, please check out this tumblr page from the Ferguson National Response Network and the Ferguson Action page that share very comprehensive listings of planned actions around the country. There are also many groups raising money for bail funds, organizing and different acts of resistance that are in need of financial support (such as here, hereherehere or here). And you can find updates here and all over the internet.


While many have us may have been socialized on the merits of staying calm, and while we can feel real fear about the violence of protests, it is important to think about who is being told to stay calm during these moments. Tory Russell, co-founder of the Hands Up United organization, spoke poignantly about the disparity in who is asked to stay calm:

“I am urging calm. I’m urging calm for the police officers to not pepper spray me, tear gas me, mace me and shoot rubber bullets… People need to urge the police to be calm. Stop hurting kids, stop traumatizing our communities.” Russell went on to remark that everyone is asking Ferguson protesters to stay “calm” but no one is requesting the same of the police or the FBI or the KKK, who have threatened to use “lethal force”against people in that city. “Why don’t you keep calm and serve the communities?” he asked the police.


And while Marissa Alexander gets 3 years for firing 3 warning shots, the police continue to militarize and the Zimmermans and the Wilsons of our world walk free. This may not be the time to stay calm.



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