Action and support opportunities this week!

WNC Community,

Please see below for several actions and support requests this coming week:
1) Monday, June 19 at 6 pm – TURN OUT to Oakland’s City Council Meeting to support the #DefundOPD Campaign.
2) Support Black Land Liberation on Juneteenth (Monday)
3) Tuesday 6/20: All Out to Berkeley to Stop Urban Shield


1) From APTP: First off, thank you to EVERYONE for participating in the #DefundOPD Campaign. Your actions have clearly influenced the City’s decisionmaking process when it comes to allocating money to the Oakland Police Department. That fight is not over! City Council plans to announce and vote on its proposed budget, and we want to be there in full force to hold them accountable!

On Monday, June 19 at 6 pm, we need folks to TURN OUT to Oakland’s City Council Meeting. Please bring your DefundOPD signs, share this on social media, and participate in the #DefundOPD social media campaign (instructions below!):

1) Print your “Less cops, more _______” or “Menos policías, más _______” from or make your own
2) Use your imagination.
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Halloween Action

This Halloween, the White Noise Collective conspired to take creative action to counteract the unquestioned, blatant, “it’s-just-a-joke-can’t-you-have-a-little-fun!?!” racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and cultural appropriation that parade as “costumes” in consumerist capitalist culture.  Drawing on our Liberate Halloween Action Kit from last year, this year we came up with a design-your-own creative costume station, with the intention of setting up in front of a local Spirit Halloween store (one of the most obvious corporations perpetuating oppressive stereotypes through the mass sale of highly offensive costumes).  We would invite people to our station, distribute literature about cultural appropriation and the harms of choosing an offensive or oppressive costume for Halloween, and provide an opportunity for people to tap into their own creativity and create their own alternative (free) costume!

The idea for this action emerged from our October Dialogue, which focused on “moving toward action” in the face of the anticipated “horrors of October” (“Columbus Day” and Halloween being the two most egregious examples).  … Read more

White Females* in Food Justice: Maintaining or Challenging the System?

Join us for our next workshop!

White Females* in Food Justice: Maintaining or Challenging the System?


Sunday, August 10, 1-5pm

$35-60 sliding scale (work trade and scholarships available)

Location given upon registration (near W Oakland BART)


Are you passionate about food justice?

Do you lead, work at, volunteer at, or otherwise support a food justice organization in your neighborhood or community?

Do you sometimes question if the food justice work you are involved in is only a band-aid solution to deeper, more systemic problems?

In this interactive workshop, the White Noise Collective will lead a guided exploration of what Paul Kivel terms “the buffer zone,” a range of jobs and occupations that structurally serve to maintain the wealth and power of the ruling class by acting as a buffer between those at the top of the pyramid and those at the bottom. The buffer zone serves a threefold function: taking care of people, keeping hope alive, and controlling people.… Read more

Reflections on White Women by White Women in Light of the Zimmerman Verdict.

While the “social media moment” may have passed, the Zimmerman verdict represents just one of countless examples in an on-going pattern of unrecognized white privilege lending justification to violence against black men.  The need remains to continue the conversation about this case, particularly with respect to this pattern. One element of the pattern that is specific to white women is our stereotyped role as virtuous victims who need protection from “bad guys.” Looking at the Zimmerman trial with an eye to this narrative reveals how the verdict was shaped by the white female judge’s decision to frame the case in terms of Zimmerman’s fear, the white female jurors’ description of their key decision as a response to fear, and the significance of the white female neighbor in justifying that fear.


The virtuous victim narrative runs throughout the history of our country, reinforced to this day by media representations of white women.… Read more

HUNGER FOR JUSTICE – 7/31 Day of Solidarity with Hunger Strikers

The White Noise Collective has added our name to the list of organizations that support and endorse the California Prisoner Hunger Strikers. We do this as an act of solidarity and to stand in opposition to the structural racism of the prison industry. As part of that endorsement, we are sharing this announcement about an upcoming way for all of us to show support and solidarity. Please join us in making a call to Gov. Brown and encouraging him and the CDCR to negotiate. -the WNC

image003Hunger for Justice

On Wednesday July 31st, people around the world will fast and take other action in solidarity with the California Prisoner Hunger Strikers. Join family members of hunger strikers along with James Cromwell, Angela Davis, Mike Farrell, Danny Glover, Elliott Gould, Chris Hedges, Alice Walker, and Cornel West. We fast knowing that the criminalization that killed Trayvon Martin, and the criminalization that justifies the torture of prisoners in solitary confinement are one and the same.… Read more

Time to unpack. A reflection on perpetuating white supremacy patterns at the White Privilege Conference.

This past weekend, I, along with most of the members of the White Noise Collective, attended the 14th Annual White Privilege Conference in Seattle, WA.

For us and for me, the learning was deep and came in unexpected ways. I learned so much from every workshop, keynote and conversation I participated in, including gaining knowledge about the anti-asian racism perpetuated by use of the practice and term “meditation,” ways that white supremacy shows up in organizational decision-making processes (even collective ones) and the destructive potentials and neocolonialism and international “aid.” Honestly, I couldn’t even begin to summarize these three days.

And so I’m focusing this on the learning that came from the process of presenting our newest workshop, White Females and Helping Professions in the Buffer Zone. In our workshop, we presented some of our thinking about the social construction of the“white female identity” and the “buffer zone,” reviewed a few threads of the historical context that encouraged white females to take on roles in the buffer zone (specifically as a part of the origin and maintenance of capitalism), and then engaged folks in creating a Theatre of the Oppressed piece in order to generate ideas about the patterns and how we can find our zones of influence to make change.… Read more

Join us for our next Workshop!

Sunday, March 10 – Exploring the Intersection of White Privilege and Gender Oppression in the Work for Racial Justice.

10am-12:30pm, Near 12th St BART in Oakland. $35-50 sliding scale.

To apply for registration, click here.

Intersection Workshop Flier

How have our experiences of gender oppression impacted our work in challenging white supremacy? What patterns are common among people socialized as both white and female? How do they show up or limit our anti-racist work?

In this highly interactive workshop, led by members of the White Noise Collective, we will explore how internalized sexism and heterosexism influences our work for racial justice. Through dialogue, presentation, Theater of the Oppressed, analysis of media images and other experiential activities, we will collectively investigate these intersections and the frequently raised themes of cultural appropriation, passive aggressive behavior, helping professions, and the ‘white women tears’ phenomenon. We will also look at the historic and current mythologies of white women as virtuous victims that are used to justify violence against people of color and co-create creative strateges for countering them.… Read more

Join us!! Bay Area White Privilege Conference Reportback

Everyone is invited to our May Dialogue, which will be a Community Reportback from this year’s White Privilege Conference!

The White Privilege Conference is an  annual  event  that brings together about 1500 folks to examine the system of white supremacy upon which every aspect of the US culture is built and to develop the tools, support and strategies needed to dismantle it. This year the conference happened March 28-31 in Albuquerque, NM and the theme was “Intersectionality.” Levana and Zara presented a workshop there on “Exploring the Intersection of Whiteness and Femaleness.” Beja was also there as a first year participant. And there were many other presenters and participants from around the Bay Area.

Our hope is to create an informal space for WPC presenters and participants to reflect on our experiences of this year’s conference and to share highlights, insights, take-aways, constructive critiques, struggles, potentials for the future and to distill our experiences for folks who would have wanted to be there but couldn’t.

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White women heart flashmobs

Last weekend, I participated in a flash mob in San Francisco targeting the bank Wells Fargo. We met, rehearsed the moves, planned our entrance into the bank lobby (as well as our escape route) and were able to perform in 3 locations – all in one afternoon. The dance, organized by SF Pride at Work, was about 4 minutes long, which meant that we were able to enter the bank, have our impact and depart long before the bank or police were able to organize a response. It was, altogether, a completely exciting experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

At our last White Noise dialogue, we focused on the Occupy movement. The conversation touched on facets of sexism and racism within the movement, as well as the roles of media, violence, self-marginalization and tactics. More specifically, one of the things we looked at was where white women were showing up within a movement that we recognize has a primarily white male face.… Read more

We Heart Dialogue

Founding itself upon love, humility, faith, dialogue becomes a horizontal relationship. – Paulo Freire

Last week we had our first initiatory anti-racist white women dialogue – and it was…..
freakin awesome. I’m kinda blown-away at how much thoughtfulness everyone brought. It was one of those rare and exciting spaces that felt like we were naming and framing things that we mostly think about in private, and through dialogue we could build on our common experiences to see a bigger, systemic picture of ourselves emerge.

“Human existence cannot be silent, nor can it be nourished by false words, but only by true words, with which men and women transform the world. To exist, humanly, is to name the world, to change it. Once named, the world in its turn reappears to the namers as a problem and requires of them a new naming. Human beings are not built in silence, but in word, in work, in action-reflection.” – Paulo Freire

In the next blog post, check out some of the themes we named – to explore in future dialogues.… Read more

Monthly Dialogues

We did a bunch of workshops – and now we want to host monthly dialogues to dive deeper into some of the topics that have come up for people. This is open to all, whether or not you have participated in a workshop or not, and you can come to as many or as few as you like.

Some of the themes that we may potentially dialogue about include:
the virtuous victim narrative,
…costs/benefits/strategies/patterns of passive-aggressive behavior,
cultural appropriation,
victimization and victim identity,
apartheid “lite” systems
white women in helping professions

In addition, the dialogues could help us to potentially manifest projects such as writing, actions, theater, and resource sharing.

For our first meeting, we’ll share the “findings” of the workshop series, and from there we can chart out where we want to collectively go.

The dates for this spring are 3rd Tuesdays starting in March!:
March 15
April 12 (an exception, due to Passover on the 19th)
May 17
June 21

Time: 6:00-9:00
RSVP: whitenoisecollective at gmail dot com for Location info